Number of doors
2540 mm 100 in
Track: Front
1578 mm 62.1 in
Track: Rear
1578 mm 62.1 in
4360 mm 171.7 in
1910 mm 75.2 in
Length:wheelbase ratio
Kerb weight
1250 kg 2756 lb
Fuel capacity
73 litres 16.1 UK Gal 19.3 US Gal
94.00 mm
V-8 in 90.0
4.4 litre4439 cc(270.884 cu in)
Compression ratio
Fuel system
Maximum power
659 PS (650 bhp) (484.7 kW)@ 6800 rpm
Specific output
146.4 bhp/litre2.4 bhp/cu in
Maximum torque
819.0 Nm (604 ft·lb) (83.5 kgm)@ 3800 rpm
2318.5 kPa (336.3 psi)
Specific torque
184.5 Nm/litre
Bore/stroke ratio
Unitary capacity
554.88 cc/cylinder
Catalytic converter
0-60 mph
3.50 s
0-100 mph
6.80 s
11.00 s @ 131.10 mph
Standing km
19.90 s @ 274.00 km/h
Top speed
362 km/h (225 mph)
520 bhp/ton
Engine location
Engine alignment
rack & pinion PAS
front I.DW.CS.ARB.
Wheels: Front
9J x 19
Wheels: Rear
12J x 20
Tyres: Front
Michelin Pilot Sport 255/30 x 19
Tyres: Rear
Michelin Pilot Sport 335/30 x 20
Brakes F/R
Brake ∅: Front
380 mm
Brake ∅: Rear
350 mm
6 speed manual
Top gear ratio
Final drive ratio
RAC rating
Noble M600 ChassisNoble M600 Chassis Noble M600Noble M600 Noble M600 Side ViewNoble M600 Side View Noble M600 Top ViewNoble M600 Top View
Look for the Noble M600 to make its debut at the Goodwood Revival next month.
Noble M600 traction control disable Noble M600 rear Categories: Auto News Recent Posts(9/24/10) Refreshing or Revolting: 2011 Toyota Highlander
2010 Noble M600 - Click above for image gallery We've seen spy shots, spy shots, and more spy shots of Noble's new M600 supercar.
More Spy Shots: Noble M600 caught in full view Damon Lavrinc Last month, shooters caught the new Noble M600 undergoing testing at the Firebird Raceway in Arizona.
Noble M600 is the most astonishing car Sutcliffe has driven since the Ferrari F40 What is it?
2010 Noble M600 thumb 2010 Noble M600 a 225 mph supercarIn case you don’t know, this blue monster is the latest Noble brand supercar – The M600.
Noble M600 spotted testing in Britain Noble Automotive is a British sports car manufacturer that was founded in 1999 and produces very exlusive supercars.
With an expected price tag north of £200,000 the new Noble M600 is more than double the price of its now defunct M14 and M15 predecessors.
The Noble M600 will be an analogue car in a digital age, eschewing driving aids in favour of raw handling characteristics.
* The finished Noble M600 - bereft of prototype garb * Cabin of Noble M600 is a delight to behold *
* Noble M600 spy photos: testing undisguised in America * Noble M600 spy photos: testing undisguised in America * Noble M600 spy photos: testing
Noble M600CLICK ON AN IMAGE FOR 1280 PIXEL, HIGH-RESOLUTION FILENoble M600_2010 Pic 01 Noble M600_2010 Pic 02 Noble M600_2010 Pic 03 Noble M600_2010 Pic 04
The Noble M600 is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine with a maximum output of 650 hp.
spy shots and we recently reported the Noble M600 testing in what looked like production-ready guise, so we guessed it wouldn’t be too far away. And it wasn’t.
The new Noble M600 caught testing in the UK and almost ready to launch The new Noble M600 caught testing in the UK and almost ready to launch
there is the new supercar the Noble M600 which is worth £200k, an insane price ain't it? what does this car have to make it worth that price, well here's what we've got,
The Noble M600 has been unveiled with the company releasing the first images of the exterior and the interior of the new model.
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Noble M600, this car only weighs 2810 pounds.
2010 Noble M600 British Power Car Design Specification Review - May 26, 2010 2010 Noble M600 Sporty Car Design Clearly inspired by the
On sale Noble M600 will appear in the end of September. A car guiding price - £200 000.
Photo of Noble M600Photo of Noble M600Photo of Noble M600Photo of Noble M600Photo of Noble M600 2009 Noble M600 =
The wheels of the 2010 Noble M600 spin as the Michelins do battle with a wet track and 650 horsepower. We're already doing over 100 mph.
The Noble M600 is powered by a twin-turbo 4.4-liter Volvo V8.
Noble M600 2010 is famous car in speed and acceleration, M600 have 650 horsepower with twin turbo V8 engine.
The big question surrounding the all-new Noble M600 appears to be: is it really worth an entire BMW 5-series more than a McLaren MP4-12C or a Ferrari 458 Italia? But that's precisely how much British company
The Noble M600 is expected to start production soon, with the first cars to go on sale before the end of the year.
* 2010 Noble M600 Supercar Spied Testing In Europe 2010 Noble M600 Supercar Spied Testing In Europe *
The Noble M600 super car is expected to go on sale as early as the beginning of 2010.
After Top Gear had their way with the Noble M600, Fifth Gear also had the chance to drive the new Noble M600 supercar. The Noble M600 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.
Announced in the summer of 2009, the Noble M600 was actually first shown to the public during the Goodwood Revival Meeting in September of that year.
* Undisguised Noble M600 Spied Testing in Britain (18 comments * Noble M600 Spied Close Up On a Track (13 comments * First Details of
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